This Adoptee


When I got here, I was a ball of flesh, and some programing from my manufacturer, who did not stick around to make sure I was working right or not. And this Adult Adoptee would  not wish that on any other child. I wish for a day when every woman who conceives views it for what it truly is, a blessing and a calling from this planet that they are one of the ones who get to go forward. For each child is an evolved version of the two who came together. I wish for that day, when we all realize the it takes a planet to raise a child and that we need to understand tot he core the design here. We alter the design and wave our free will cards like they are get out of jail cards when we all know that everything here is recorded, no ones getting out of anything here. You can put it off? But its coming back. We each get tot decide how we spend our free will? If my free will touches your free will, then if I am smart and I build you up, so that is what I will get back. And building up comes in many versions. Some are pep talks, some are bulldozers or frying pan experiences that take your breath away and make you look at something with a mark. But are we really seeing what the mark is pointing too? Are we awake? IF we as a species keep doing the same old thing like always, we will get the same results. Adoptions one issue here we need to wake up to, there are more.

We are citizens of a planet, that has many nations on it, many beings here and we are all working together or not to forward this experience here. There are messes we need  to clean up and the first line of business is to Educate ourselves about other people and how they live and learn of traumas overcome and open our hearts to hear the voice of the Divine within all of us. We must get past the veil. For God as we call this cell, is all and all is God. So, each person, dog, plant and breath is God too. We are here and we are needing to wake up to this.

The plan is flow. And self actualization. If I see the good in me, I see it in you.


Are we just so addicted to the drama? To see that past it, is a better way, but we must barf up what we thought would be. Look at this quote. I shows us that planning is an illusion that we project. With better knowledge and understanding of the dark things, we have  power together and have no need to fear at all.



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