What the Hell is all this about?

Ok, what I see is an issue with society in regards to Getting what Adoptees are trying to communicate in there very trained and controlled way of being. We need to mean up.

We need to mean what we say, and say what we mean.


Not what anyone else said we need to mean or say we mean. Adoptees are told many things and are trained by strangers of their very  DNA. And what that does is make them, I am talking for anyone who identifies with this situation, that is why I say we. I am acting as a spokesperson for myself and anyone else that may feel any or all of these things I show here.

This blog is my intel, my content to a story that has all sides but mine, and yours if your an adoptee. Our experience is a game changer is what I see. What we have to say is what Amazon calls Feedback. And we all know how successful Amazon is, and if we wish to be as successful, we must approach this very complicated, intricate, emotionally charged, shame, and guilt  based practice in the best form possible. I am not saying my form is the right one, the way I present is my own style. Open, Honest, forthright, truthful from my  perspective.

And what I am calling all of the Adoptees to do is the same in there own fashion, whether it be speaking to others one on one? or speaking at TedTalk, or Blogging, or just telling your Adopted Mom, how you really feel and work on understanding her too?

Healing only comes after the sore thing is popped , drained and then dressed with ideal essential oils and love. We must s peak our secrets, for God sees us suffer under the old way of stuffing it for no other reason then there was no answer and it was an important question. Our Mothers have been lied to. By people, by the churches, by themselves.

Gods words says in many religions that the children are precious gifts?

What gives folks? Why are all these children being regifted? Why do all these woman feel their baby is a mistake if it is a gift it is unopened, so many woman go without the benefit of knowing the gifts true  meaning? You see?

Well, that is what I see.


Thanks for stopping by.

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