Adoptees need prayer. 

We are up against so many preconceived notions about who, what, and how we are. And why we are? We wonder so many things. We have so many questions that have not been answered. 

We are like Sony radios that our moms gave away, because of some dumb reason. 

These are the ones I see. 

1. We were created without proper licensing. (A marriage license). So dumb. 

2. We are basicly put into the witness protection program without our permission. Like babies are not safe to stay with the woman God gave us to. Of course man knows better than god what’s going down? Right? Lordy. 

3. We are removed from woman who’s only crimes was conception. Why?  Oh, that’s right. The bible tells us so. 

4. We are raised by strangers who have no idea what they are doing. And have not even had 9 months of physical preparations for us. Hell, they have no cells within them to help us. We must start from scratch. 

5. We are expected to act like every other child out there who’s parents kept them. That’s a big one. Cuz hello! We are not like other children. Ok? 

6. We are expected to go on without even the chance to grieve a loss everyone agrees we will never get over. With a smile. And are told we have a Mother if we wonder abot the first one we had. 

7. We must go through life wondering who and why we are. Why we act like no one else we are now related to. 

8. We are forced to live without proper papers and heritage records. We don’t even know our family medical records. We could be walking health time bombs. 

9. We are forced to live without even knowing why this has happened to us. 

10. Our mothers are so turned around that they dont even realize consciously what the hell they have done. So trusting in a governent and church that surely would not harm either of us? Right? 

11. We are forced to live without our families. Our mothers. And if we say we are not happy? We are ridiculed and put down for being ungrateful for All of the things I mention above this statement. 

Way to go people. Way to go. We are so superior. Such a species to do this to our own. 

Being adopted is like riding a horse in a car race. Dumb as hell. Why? 

And if it’s so great. Then why do we have to go through life without our mothers? Is that God? Are we putting this one on gods will? 

I do see one reason for doing this. Change it. Cuz it’s just hard. And now that I am old enough. I see that no child. Should have to endure this. And we need to make a change. 

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