Father’s Day 

I only knew my birth Father for three years. To tell you the truth, I really had not even thought to look him up. But God had other plans. Good plans. A blessing. From a man I had never met, but who had made an indelable mark within my very dna. 

I was blessed to have known him for that long. For I feel he was at his best when I met him. And the man he showed me was a caring man. I am a blessed only child of two, (what the world would call wreck less people in the 60’s), who came together so god could make me. 

Being adopted means you know what family really means. For to have to go through life without even your true identity, makes you appreciate any bone they throw you. My Mama and I fight. And if that is all I am to get. Well, ok. 

I picked these tow woman before I got here. We all do. 

But we come here to do something bigger than what was done to get you here. 

I am proud of my parents. I am proud of them all. I am here because things got out of hand. And who made that wrong? A tornado gets a bit out of hand? Oh, yes it does. So, sometimes, God lets things get out of hand, so someone like me can get here to do what I came to do. 

Which is be adopted and report about it. And have fun. Be creative. Change some shit. And be kind and inspirational. 

I am unorthodox. Yes. But with time, you’ll see. I am true blue. 

Happy Father’s Day. 

And remember this. There are no mistakes here. Only learning. 

Don’t judge yesterday’s actions that got you that hard earned wisdom. For without yesterday’s actions, you would not have the truth. Be kind to yourself. There is grace here. Remember? Don’t make the cross in vein? 

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