Family Health HIstory

The saga continues for an Adoptee without a proper health history.


Below is the Facebook message I sent my cousin. We met on Facebook. And things looked like I might have an advocate, but, one trip from my Birth Mother stopped that. In it’s tracks. I post it here to show you what it is really like, unedited. I hope you will share this story. And I pray it will wake us up.


Hello- Gonna try one last time to get through. Things have been really weird. Yes. And I have been acting erratic yes. And as an adoptee, who does not have her proper medical history, and who’s never had privy to it. I am not here to fight as you all are coming back at me. This is my truth. But my health is an issue. I just want someone from my family to help me. I feel alone, my Adopted Mother does not understand me? She is well, she just accepts me like this. It is all of you that have made me aware of whatever your saying. And I try to understand, but my Adopted Mom did not know another way but how I am? And it is very hurtful how you all have treated me like a leper. I don’t know what my Mother told you when she came down to see you and drove past me? And then lied and said she did not know how to find me? And that is mean and hurtful? But I have these cyst on my liver. And I am trying to get to the bottom of this history and mystery called my family history and medical history. This is so cruel to do to people, all cuz I was not conceived with a licensed to do so. If I sound crazy, this world made me this way? Why am I punished? I work to figure out where I get cyst from? And Mama is susceptible to staph, which is linked and cousins to syphilis? Did you know that?
Staphylococcus is one of the sexually Transmitted diseases many people disregard as serious problem in life. Other sexually transmitted diseases that can reduce immunity and give birth to staphylococcus are:- Genital warts, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, Gonorrhea and Yeast infections.
Please read this.
And if this is true, I have it too. Not ok. I want to be tested, but I want my family present. My Mother to be exact. Now! I have not asked for her before. And this is so confusing, yes. But, I am family.
Our grandfather, died of this. We must stop it from continuing in my children. Now I have been trying to get through, but well, Mama’s not really educating herself about these things like I am. I went to school for the sciences, I did not finish, due to being a mother of three on welfare and was broken down and sick. I have been dealing with illness my whole like. This is info I should have had. But it can be what I have now? IF people could just stop being so stubborn and bullheaded? I will not apologize for showing you what I see. If you want to show me what you see? I have taken it and still come back. I just want my whole life back. Heritage, medical history and my Mother. Without all that shit the world told her. Can you please help me?



If it is sexually transmitted, my Dad died from it.


This is the mess Adoptions creates. God knows what she/he is doing. We must stop this micro management of the gifts (children) he/she gives to us. No child should have to live like this. NO child. We must make this world safe for us all. We must.

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