Adoption means a child will grow up without dna family. 

What a high price to pay for bad planning or being inconvenient. If adoptee can live years without family then I feel the status quo needs changing. If people can just rearrange folks then we need to stop putting so much pressure on Mothers who give there kids away. 

Adoption is a three edged sword. And it cuts all directions. No one is without a scare from it. But how did these wounds begin in the first place? That’s what I want to bring light too. 

Adoption no more helps the child as fly to the moon. And adoption no more helps the Mother than fly to the moon. And adoption not more helps the adoptive mother than fly to the moon. Except when you look at it spiritually. If you can look at it from a higher vantage point you can see how a trauma can cause a person to grow i there capacity to exert great amounts of empathy toward those who are less empathetic. 

When people exert empathy they turn the tide of emotions towards balance. Empathy is what saves us all. When we realize grace is a gift. But we must recieve it. And we must extend it. For to give is to recieve. 

I speak of the many sides of adoption. And in doing so it may become confusing for you to keep up. But I will try to

Answer any questions you have as soon as I can. Thank you for showing up. Blessings. 

I broke up with my bio Mom
She doesn’t realize it yet. The Mother child

Bond is incredibly strong. But the truth can set you free. See, I am not my Mothers truth. She thinks me a mistake still. Or at least she did. I hope shining the light on it helped her. But I don’t have time for this. I’ve got other wonderful things I want to do here. Adoptees deal with the psychic residuals of reliquisment. There is no doubt about it.

As I learn of the connection of mother a child, I see that we are connected by design. So that we can survive. But adoption put excess pressure onto the child as it tries to reach out to a mother who has removed herself from the equation that she can never be removed from. I mean it’s just part of the landscape. And with everyone here putting so much inphasis on a Mother, those of us with more than one get thrown around a bit. We have some ideas about mothers that are a bit unrealistic. And I know. I tired to live by them. And what it does it’s put you into a mindset that is to rigid. And it appears to

Have done the same thing to my Mothers. They hold to their ideas of what it is and when I show up different than what they said, they work to make me conform. And I know it’s out of love. But it’s just not productive. I am me. I am the me this made me. And I, nor anyone, were born to conform. We can to shine our lights. 

It is unfortunate my bio mom does not see my light. She can not see the light that was born from her. And I feel society put that there inpart. And that we can educate that out of society if we will just show up to learn. If we will allow our minds to open and dump what no longer serves to ready ourselves for more. 

Happy Mothers day

to all of you who are adopted. Mother’s Day can be a bit conflicted. But what I want you to remember. Motherhood is a calling. So when you come back to answer the questions no one could answer it means you were missed. And to be missed by a child you gave sway. 

People it is hard to live like this. So cut us some slack. People think that we can be jerked all over the place and still act like we weren’t. 

Adopted kids go through a lot.