We all pay. Why not just do the work to make it better. 

Most people do. And that’s ok? But when will we be able to live in this world and be in this world? Like when will we have the mental capacity to be compassionate, help when we can, and learn to not turn folks away. When will we grow up like the bible talks about? Growing up in the sense of growing beyond letting our minds run a muck, or our body, and our spirit too. We must merge the three. We must acknowledge that they exist. I do feel that the spirit/ soul combo are deeted in the stomach. And stomach problems are a sign of swallowing your truth to much. What that means is is self editing to do anything other than tell what your truth is toNot hurt or upset someone. That keeps people stunted you see? Truth hurts sometimes. But let’s look at that? It only hurts because we are not where we intended to be. Right? Yes that is right. So we lash at the person showing us in the mirror of their truth, where their mark actually hit. And my moms finding out she was way off on what she thought was going down. And that she kind of sucks at math. Well, why is it my problem? So I told her. Well, she being a bit childish by stopping her feet and being and psychotic person. Psychotic means not I touch with reality. She’s trying to accuse me of being that. She called the police. But I love her enough to say no, you need to

Check again and gave her some fact which she squirmed and told me to leave after I had set her straight about my position. Now with gods help, he will help her to adjust. Does any of this make sense to anyone? I am writing a book about this and would appreciate any questions. I will be as kind as you are to me. So think about what you say. Words do matter. Silence changes nothing, and in fact perpetuates more if the same. I just poked the sleeping bear. She been hibernating to long. Time to wake up sweetie. Jesus is calling you to grow

Up spiritually. You do not speak to your daughter like that after she has driven all day to see you. Like she has lost all sense of propriety. I came with a sign I write. That say, 

If you give something away and it comes back to you, it is yours. I ex tended the olive branch. She did not accept it. So, ok? 

Is this a display of CHRISTIAN behavior? Or does anyone know what that looks like these days? Look at how jesus acted. Look at who he hung out with? Look what he did. Do that man. It’s simple, but you have to do something. But folks think they are getting something for nothing. But they are not. We all spy one way or another. 

2 thoughts on “We all pay. Why not just do the work to make it better. 

    • Which clearly illustrates adoptions affect my dear. If I am crazy or sick? Adoptions made me that way. Trying to keep
      Up with everyone and everything. All of you telling me how to be? Go fuck your self gods messenger. Because I am beautiful to my Adopted Mom. And she knows I am working this out. And she loves me anyway. For as much as my bio mom cares less. My adopted mom cares more. Tries more.


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