What this feels like is my Moms shit

What this feels like is my Moms shitI feel like my mom is to bound up to express herself and so I am barging up her portion too. Fun!! I could be in Hawaii, but no, my Moms all jacked up and uneducated about me. Yeah!! Evidently they told

Her I would miss her!! Wrong!! Wrong!! 

Being adopted is started by your mom.  And feeling better should start with her too. But mothers who walk away for their kids have issues with going back to make it right. Hell they think it was right! Our mothers  are brainwashed by all this stuff the church and society says about it. And those things said about adoption are just a bunch of things they say, to make it ok. And what they tell themselves about this is not true at all. But they have to do it to cope. 

Mothers who give their children away to another to raise have no idea what confusion they have handed their child into. We are forced to live lives that are not ours. Our lives are the creation of those who deem us unworthy to stay with our mothers. Adopted children are children thrown in to an altered state of being. It doesn’t affect us. And we need to look at why we are abusing children in the fashion? Why does it continues? 

Adoptees are societally forced to live as misfits. We are like the Jews. We are marked with a golden star. But it has been forever pinned onto our hearts. To patch the hole from where they ripped us from our mothers. 

My mom is broken. She can no longer feel a love for her own child? She told me she never missed me? Wow! And no one cried except my grand mother. The world cheered the day I left her care.  And I would grow up hearing society say, any mother who does not keep her child is not worthy of have child. Hmmmm. That doesn’t make me feel better either. 

I think they should say:

Anyone who takes a child from its mother should be hung. Or maybe anyone who takes a baby from its mother shall have it own mother taken from them!! Better yet. Let them feel how I feel each day after they did this to me. 

Thinking about that happening makes me feel better. Babies should not have to grow up feeling like this. It’s like a raw under current that is dark and painful. It colors everything. 

A mother  is a child’s muse you dumb asses!! This child did not appreciate you letting my mom do this to me! I do not feel God is real happy about it either. 

 Thanks society!!  You fucked up real bad this time. By the time I am done, everyone one will know how this feels. I will twist your arm util you feel like me, and scream uncle.  That will fix this for sure.

 By the way I see it I am way ahead of you on pain threshold. You guys are doomed. You can’t even take reading my pain, your fucked. But thank god we are an army of many. We will be able to take this world into a new way of being. After all of you sissy’s get over hearing it all, your ears bleeding from the pain. I imagine God will just give this world to us. 

People treat orphans and adoptees like shit. Oh, they show the pictures if loving families caring for us. But they don’t show the frustration of the parents trying to raise a kid they do t even get? Like we don’t fit in and these families are trying to fit in and it doesn’t work. We stick out instead. Adoption is like Sarah in the bible who made Abraham sleep with the maid to get the child God told her he would give her. No faith. Peoples want a kid and they think that they should just buy one like a car. We are people here!! We have fsmilies!! Of our own thank you!! Stop messing with us!! 

Adoptees are strong. We live without our mothers. A pain everyone says you never get over. And we don’t even get to grieve about the loss of her. How humane!! Thank you catholic ladies society!! Way to go!! This is so compassionate!! Like my mom’s blocking me because she thinks I need professional help?  The professionals help her? Guess she thinks the professionals can help me too? Lordy. Just ludicrious. Just ludicrious. 

I mean I am finally telling her I want to just come home. And I want my mother. And she so fucked up in the head she can’t even see herself inside of me? Like what the hell? Moms always see themselves in their  own kids. But my moms all brainwashed and I sound like a babbling idiot to her! 

Adoption started this whole mess. I think adoption should fix it. Oh, adoptions not a person? You’re right, it not a person. It is an idea that children can just be plucked from on mother who is obviously is irresponsible, and given to one who is baren and of course responsible. Like does that make sense?  

Does anyone believe in a higher order at all? And I am not talking about the catholic society. But babies are showing up in womans tummies  all the time and we as a species think that we can just give babies away and not have any repercussion? Oh, your really off on that one, Becasue the day I was born they all hear me cry!!  They obviously didn’t know that there are repercussions. One big one is: the kid will grow up and hunt you down to ask you why you did that to them. Hello! 

And w should do that.  It’s called accountability folks. Time to look at the books!! How did we do with the babies that were sent here? We sucked. Yep. We did. To busy trying to cover up what we thought was a mess, but instead it was just a baby. Like jesus. But the mother was not encouraged to keep hers like he’s use mom Mary? Even thought the story is to help us see that God makes the children. We kill them anyway. When will we learn? 

Oh, but we have such a loving court system who will keep us from our families. And a courts system that causes trauma to those who want to know who they really are. Oh what a blessed America we have. So full of ignorance. We pass ignorance out at the street corners. Here. Have a condom. If a baby is created. Just kill it or give it away!! Hey!! They don’t know who their mothers are. They can’t tell anyone who’s there daddy is? Get rid of it before it can speak for itself and say no!! Live and kill and live!! 

Now we will cover all of this adoption love with secrecy. Yes. Secrecy. Of course the Catholics loves secrecy except if it’s in regards to becoming a catholic. But if you don’t want your baby, they will get rid of the evidence for you!! In the name of Jesus.!! No one would  ever know!! Except the babies grow up? Oh damn. Didn’t think that one through enough? 

We are a demented species when we to do this to babies. We are demented as hell. God help the children born to the broken soul that is called tadopted. Becasue adopted kids don’t even realize they are trash. Their new parents don’t fit. And adopted kids just want to go home. They feel out of place Becasue they are out of place. Adoption causes a cascade effect on the family that enters into it. The children of children who were adopted are affected. The children of adopted children feel their parents are fucked up. The parent does not know they are fucked up Becasue the adopted parents have no idea what the real family is like so they have no frame of reference to know if the child is traumatized by the adoption. 

It is amazing the web is deception that has been spun. And all in the name of love. To cover some sexual activity that was not permissible by a license to do so. 

Can we not think a little further than our nose? We must stop jerking children’s lives around to cover up religious shit that is not gods will at all. We write the books and call those words gods words. Do we really know? 

One thing I know for sure Oprah is: 

Adoption hurts like hell when you can’t wake your mother up and just want to come home to a place that no longer exists. 

Adoption feels like they carved part of your heart out and didn’t even see it back up. 

Adoption feels like a sucker punch that they made your mom give you. 

Adoption is the worst cure around. 

Adoption casued trauma to the child

Adoption is heinous. 

Adoptive parents are aiding the trauma by taking the child from its parent. 

Adoptive parents can never be our parents. They can only be our second parent. 

We learn to live strangers. But why did we have to? 

Why did we have to come into a world that would do us like this? Why? 

And birth Mothers could help, but they seem to be to ashamed of themselves to speak what is inside them. 

Truth is truth. 

But it can not set us free if we hold it in. 

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