2016- The Year to take to the Air! Let your voices ring!

Listen, I am sick of this candy sweetness we all were trained to be like puppets for our masters. WE are humans! WE are someones daughter, son, we are someones ancestor. Hell, the bible says we are someones gift! And we are like unopened gifts at this point. Many of us did not make it back to show our Mommy’s the gift that we are. Many will never know that feelings, of completion. For a child longs for its Mother, and that is by design. No one should stop that bond, no one should put it asunder. For the very emotional fabric of this world is continent upon the bonds we form and allow.

Look at elements my darlings, look at them now, please. It is time to put it all together. for we have studied many things here, have we not? You and I, your Mother? Yes, I am all of your Mothers, and you are my children, my jesus’s if you will. That is why Jesus Energy appeared, to show you, but you only worship him? You only place him on a pedestal, while all the lessons you don’t even study and apply. What good is a book on a shelf. Jesus came to illustrate to you a higher concept. WE are not from here. And so we are visiter. And we all know how visitors are supposed to act, right? But that is not what’s going on here? Right? Many are illmannered and mean. And blowing things up does not change it darlings, for what we blow up is an energy.

But many are ignorant of quantum physics you see. They are scared by the churches doctrines, not my words for sure. But men with hearts that are not submitted to me hold MY Children down in ignorance and unbelief, as they trust the shepherd they follow. These shepherds are wolf energy in sheep clothing. meaning they have a form of Godliness but deny the power there of.

2 Tim 3:8

having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

…6For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, 7always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 8Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men also oppose the truth, men of depraved mind, rejected in regard to the faith.…

We the adoptees are at the cross roads. I am showing up for duty. And I am a lighthouse right here, for those who wish to change this, stop this. If your heart hurts because you miss your family then come with me. For I have a dream of world beyond this place where babies can live in peace with there families. Look at this world and how chopped up it is. We chopped it up, meaning as a collective force, we did. And those who do nothing, while standing with there secret blanket of shame and pain, sucking their emotional thumbs, doing nothing but complaining behind secret chat room doors while the world sleeps in the dark because we hold the light of truth that can illuminate us all as to which directions we should go. We are the stay out GPS coordinates that this world needs. Our experiences prove what this does to a child. Our reports refute, with huge numbers not tallied yet.

Our time is now, do not back up, forward motion! WE must face this Bully, this Goliath now! Listen, we have lived for YEARS! without our Mothers? What can hurt us now? We have been teased and made fun of, and we are still standing, some of us are tattered and some are almost broken beyond repair. But do not loose hope. I am here to speak and many more are speaking now too. Take to the air my friends. Blogs are free, blog your life experience, and link it to me, let us form a web to show the world our numbers are many.

Bleed that pain out for God/Mother Earth has so much more for us. WE are chosen. And we must rise. All are called, few answer. What do we have to loose? Everything was taken from us, many have bounced around. A balance must be tallied. The scalds are tipped and our truth brings the balance. The madness called adoption must stop, and we start with the Church. For the church has lead us all astray, away from our Mothers and Fathers to save their ass, to keep us bound to her, so she and those who perpetuate such heinous acts and keep it going.

But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female. Mark 10:6

Which means creation is how we evolve back to eden. Our children are the hope of the future. Children are the fingers of God. Our lives are God in motion, untrained and uneducated as to our sonship causes us to act like brats who do not understand this world. We see this now. All around us, ignorant people doing ignorant things. And for Adoptees, this is the time to stand up, for our stories carry iron as the red spirits within us say. And the proof is in the pudding, our pudding is full of it. And we need to show the world who has nothing in their pudding about this? Why? If they really knew what pustular wounds we hide under these smiles and white clothes, well, lets say they will change. It is bad, I have been testing this world with my story, and I just came clean on here about it. Unedited, stream of inner child consciousness clean. Like I let my little girl have her day, with grace to cover her. For her truths I held until my time.

Look below and educate yourself children. Your rights have been violated;all who read this. And when a right has been violated a balance must be brought to this very planet. For if we do not learn our karma lessons, we go around and around.
Well, Karma is here, but her name is Charma, and she is not a bad thing, but she telling it straight. WE have work to do. and we must show up to progress.


Human Rights Articles

Article 2.

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

Article 3.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Article 4.

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

Article 5.

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 6.

Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.


We must not back down!

TO: Adoption Reform Community
FROM: Adoptee Rights Rally Team
This is an important announcement concerning the postponement of the Adoptee Rights Rally.
First, we want to express how fantastic it’s been to receive calls and emails from those who are eager to attend the Rally!
Your enthusiasm has given us real hope for change! Thank you all!
While seeking some help from a few professional DC Rally Planners, one thread was consistent. They strongly suggested that we rethink our timing. While we originally thought election year would be the best time, we neglected to take into account the most primary matter which is safety and security concerns – those caused by terrorism this year – especially when crowds are assembled and especially in DC; as well as the crazy political temperature this fall.
So with those factors in mind, it’s been decided it will be in everyone’s best interest to postpone the Adoptee Rights Rally until late next Spring or early Summer.
The Adoptee Rights Rally Team sends our deep regrets and a heartfelt thank you to our Sponsors (AAC, ISRR, Adoptee Resource Center and “The Good Adoptee”/Suzanne Bachner and to all those who committed to attend this fall. And thanks to those who provided “perks” to the Fundrazr page. The perks will remain since we the rally is NOT being canceled, only postponed. While initially we felt disappointed, we are now confident that delaying the event for a more suitable time will be well worth the wait.
As most of you know, the adoption records were first sealed in 1917 in the State of MN. By moving the rally date to 2017, it will mark an entire CENTURY that Adult Adoptees have been denied their Civil and Constitutional rights!! That’s monumental, which we need to use to our advantage! Especially when doing media interviews!
Be assured that the plans for the Rally in DC are ongoing, as well as the Petition and Fundrazr Campaigns. And in the meantime, we will continue our National effort, while supporting State legislative efforts.
Since Sandy Musser is planning to retire this fall, we are seeking new leadership to carry the Rally forward. If you are that person or know someone who is, please call 239-541-4824 or write to alarmactivist2015@gmail.com – Your call will be returned within 24 hours.
Great things are yet to come. We can’t give up. We’ve come so far! Synchronicity and being United will bring freedom for all adoptees in America and to all of us who love them!


Election year is the time to strike. The new establishment needs to know our intent, so they can get ready. Our time is now, and we must not listen to the outside. WE are an army of many. And we are strong. Many lay and wait for our actions to show. We must not faint and allow the establishment now to dictate what Adoptees feel is our time. WE sense things and we must stop, and I mean radically stop dancing for society any longer to execute radical change. WE must show the world our hand, in all of its facets. There are shows that are massaging the world to show them the hurt we hold secret. But we must not falter, for the sword of our pain is not of our own? We forget out part on this earth, and We hold the truth about Adoptions, and our numbers are many thought scattered. And the scale is tipped in favor of abolishment, and it is our SACRED DUTY TO EXCUTE THIS VERY ACT. For this was for a time, and the time is now. And Adoption is to save a life of a child, we are safe now. And we are morally on higher ground, even if the church drags their heels in keeping woman down. For God made us male and female, yes God did. And in the image of God, so that means God is Male and Female. For there is nothing that is, that has not been before, Just different. Ecclesiastes 1;9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. God does not change, in essence, but this world evolves. This is true, for we see it is not the same as before. So it is we who must know Gods spirit when he calls, because he/she will come like a theft int he night may darlings. With the church afraid and ignorant of the dark, how can we progress. They are like an anchor to this world, holding us in a directory that is the opposite of where the collective wish to go, which is back to eden, but there is much work to do my darlings. God/Mother Earth is not a task master without a plan, but will we her people, her chosen ones listen? Will we see our time is now?

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Belinda Arnold
Belinda Arnold A march on Selma will get there attention. July 2, 1969 civil rights act was begun. Where are or civil rights? I will tell you. They are in our hands and we must rise like our slave brothers and takes it! We must takes it! WE must stand and be counted.

We all pay. Why not just do the work to make it better. 

Most people do. And that’s ok? But when will we be able to live in this world and be in this world? Like when will we have the mental capacity to be compassionate, help when we can, and learn to not turn folks away. When will we grow up like the bible talks about? Growing up in the sense of growing beyond letting our minds run a muck, or our body, and our spirit too. We must merge the three. We must acknowledge that they exist. I do feel that the spirit/ soul combo are deeted in the stomach. And stomach problems are a sign of swallowing your truth to much. What that means is is self editing to do anything other than tell what your truth is toNot hurt or upset someone. That keeps people stunted you see? Truth hurts sometimes. But let’s look at that? It only hurts because we are not where we intended to be. Right? Yes that is right. So we lash at the person showing us in the mirror of their truth, where their mark actually hit. And my moms finding out she was way off on what she thought was going down. And that she kind of sucks at math. Well, why is it my problem? So I told her. Well, she being a bit childish by stopping her feet and being and psychotic person. Psychotic means not I touch with reality. She’s trying to accuse me of being that. She called the police. But I love her enough to say no, you need to

Check again and gave her some fact which she squirmed and told me to leave after I had set her straight about my position. Now with gods help, he will help her to adjust. Does any of this make sense to anyone? I am writing a book about this and would appreciate any questions. I will be as kind as you are to me. So think about what you say. Words do matter. Silence changes nothing, and in fact perpetuates more if the same. I just poked the sleeping bear. She been hibernating to long. Time to wake up sweetie. Jesus is calling you to grow

Up spiritually. You do not speak to your daughter like that after she has driven all day to see you. Like she has lost all sense of propriety. I came with a sign I write. That say, 

If you give something away and it comes back to you, it is yours. I ex tended the olive branch. She did not accept it. So, ok? 

Is this a display of CHRISTIAN behavior? Or does anyone know what that looks like these days? Look at how jesus acted. Look at who he hung out with? Look what he did. Do that man. It’s simple, but you have to do something. But folks think they are getting something for nothing. But they are not. We all spy one way or another. 

Just an envolope of remembrances. An adoptees patchwork life


This is what searching for your family looks like. I was going to place an add in the paper to locate my sister. But God had a better way. I just picked up the phone and follows the bread crumb trail he lead me down. 3 hours later, my sister was on the phone. Not this sister, but my second oldest sister. Mary Elizabeth. But they call her Liz. What a nieve little note. I was so innocent and trusting. I had not been shown the state of my family yet. We care about where we come from. Identity is connected to your Mother and your family of origin, when t is removed the CHILDS foundation is cracked. Adoption goes against the naturalOrder. And it causes fracturing of the CHILDS psyche. Meaning, we become many personas as a way of protecting ourselves. We are like camellias, so we can try to fit in, like playing another part Over another part. Two parts. You play yourself, playing your adopted self. Because the truth is, we are not related to these people who raise us. And that is a game changer. Because we need to look at the ideas we are acting out, and are they productive to the whole. So either mothers are really important or they are not. Make up your minds!! Because it’s confusing out here in the real world, where kids like Ya get the shaft for the portal we enter into? Like this world is not safe like this. Most people talk smack about mothers who get pregnant out of wedlock still!!! And those babies have to live their lives without their own mother! They are raised by someone who cannot be replaced. Ever. I mean people say that you should love your mother, you’ll have no other!! But that is not true for us adopted!! So if it is not true for us it is not true. Or we need to change it so all kids get there own moms. And we need to figure out the reason some do not conceive, so they can. Adoptions fixes nothing. It prolongs a natural process making it so difficult to bond after years of being apart. People are misinformed and it’s not right.

Letters from my family after we met. We just kind of went stale. And we needed to but that old shit down. This is not how we halter man clan do it!! Not the Morelands either. And neither the Tidwells. I am a unique person. I am one of a kind. And my family is rare. A lot of effort was exerted for me to be here. And it was for this reason. But my family needs to do the work so we can progress. We all do. Things don’t stay the same. They just don’t. I held all this shit in for years! And we’ll it came out kind of crazy, like life felt back then.

These letters have warmed my heart. It is very cold outside telling the truth. When you e had enough of the fsirytake and your ready to just accept it like this and till with it. I will not primp  My life up to make you feel better. If what I am saying upset you, you change. Either accept that some people get two mothers, or make it so children don’t have to live like this. One or the other folks. You are confusing a lot of kids. Like me. Everyone waving their free will tickets around like guns. Because honey your free will affect my free will, so it ain’t free damn it! Wake the hell up. 

My gramma and I did really get to talk a lot after I came back, I was kind of numb when I came back. I have had to adjust a lot to deal with my family. They say some kind of well disturbing things to me. They don’t test me like family. They treat me like a freak. Well, hell I am kind of a freak out here telling the whole world how I feel about it and trying to gather the pieces of my life that my mother tore up with the governments help. It is kind of fucked yo to lead a woman to do such a thing. That is what I think.



Giving a child up feels good

evidently giving me up for adoption was easier than taking me back!! Ba ha!! Guess you should have thought about that when you did what you did! 

Oh Lordy woman!! What the hell did you expect? 

If you would have listened to the sinking feeling in the pit of your gut you could have dodged this bullet. 

Adoption. The gift that keeps on giving. Long after you forgot what you realt did. The child will show up to

Let you see the results of

Your experiment. A fail!! Straight up. Survived at best. 

What this feels like is my Moms shit

What this feels like is my Moms shitI feel like my mom is to bound up to express herself and so I am barging up her portion too. Fun!! I could be in Hawaii, but no, my Moms all jacked up and uneducated about me. Yeah!! Evidently they told

Her I would miss her!! Wrong!! Wrong!! 

Being adopted is started by your mom.  And feeling better should start with her too. But mothers who walk away for their kids have issues with going back to make it right. Hell they think it was right! Our mothers  are brainwashed by all this stuff the church and society says about it. And those things said about adoption are just a bunch of things they say, to make it ok. And what they tell themselves about this is not true at all. But they have to do it to cope. 

Mothers who give their children away to another to raise have no idea what confusion they have handed their child into. We are forced to live lives that are not ours. Our lives are the creation of those who deem us unworthy to stay with our mothers. Adopted children are children thrown in to an altered state of being. It doesn’t affect us. And we need to look at why we are abusing children in the fashion? Why does it continues? 

Adoptees are societally forced to live as misfits. We are like the Jews. We are marked with a golden star. But it has been forever pinned onto our hearts. To patch the hole from where they ripped us from our mothers. 

My mom is broken. She can no longer feel a love for her own child? She told me she never missed me? Wow! And no one cried except my grand mother. The world cheered the day I left her care.  And I would grow up hearing society say, any mother who does not keep her child is not worthy of have child. Hmmmm. That doesn’t make me feel better either. 

I think they should say:

Anyone who takes a child from its mother should be hung. Or maybe anyone who takes a baby from its mother shall have it own mother taken from them!! Better yet. Let them feel how I feel each day after they did this to me. 

Thinking about that happening makes me feel better. Babies should not have to grow up feeling like this. It’s like a raw under current that is dark and painful. It colors everything. 

A mother  is a child’s muse you dumb asses!! This child did not appreciate you letting my mom do this to me! I do not feel God is real happy about it either. 

 Thanks society!!  You fucked up real bad this time. By the time I am done, everyone one will know how this feels. I will twist your arm util you feel like me, and scream uncle.  That will fix this for sure.

 By the way I see it I am way ahead of you on pain threshold. You guys are doomed. You can’t even take reading my pain, your fucked. But thank god we are an army of many. We will be able to take this world into a new way of being. After all of you sissy’s get over hearing it all, your ears bleeding from the pain. I imagine God will just give this world to us. 

People treat orphans and adoptees like shit. Oh, they show the pictures if loving families caring for us. But they don’t show the frustration of the parents trying to raise a kid they do t even get? Like we don’t fit in and these families are trying to fit in and it doesn’t work. We stick out instead. Adoption is like Sarah in the bible who made Abraham sleep with the maid to get the child God told her he would give her. No faith. Peoples want a kid and they think that they should just buy one like a car. We are people here!! We have fsmilies!! Of our own thank you!! Stop messing with us!! 

Adoptees are strong. We live without our mothers. A pain everyone says you never get over. And we don’t even get to grieve about the loss of her. How humane!! Thank you catholic ladies society!! Way to go!! This is so compassionate!! Like my mom’s blocking me because she thinks I need professional help?  The professionals help her? Guess she thinks the professionals can help me too? Lordy. Just ludicrious. Just ludicrious. 

I mean I am finally telling her I want to just come home. And I want my mother. And she so fucked up in the head she can’t even see herself inside of me? Like what the hell? Moms always see themselves in their  own kids. But my moms all brainwashed and I sound like a babbling idiot to her! 

Adoption started this whole mess. I think adoption should fix it. Oh, adoptions not a person? You’re right, it not a person. It is an idea that children can just be plucked from on mother who is obviously is irresponsible, and given to one who is baren and of course responsible. Like does that make sense?  

Does anyone believe in a higher order at all? And I am not talking about the catholic society. But babies are showing up in womans tummies  all the time and we as a species think that we can just give babies away and not have any repercussion? Oh, your really off on that one, Becasue the day I was born they all hear me cry!!  They obviously didn’t know that there are repercussions. One big one is: the kid will grow up and hunt you down to ask you why you did that to them. Hello! 

And w should do that.  It’s called accountability folks. Time to look at the books!! How did we do with the babies that were sent here? We sucked. Yep. We did. To busy trying to cover up what we thought was a mess, but instead it was just a baby. Like jesus. But the mother was not encouraged to keep hers like he’s use mom Mary? Even thought the story is to help us see that God makes the children. We kill them anyway. When will we learn? 

Oh, but we have such a loving court system who will keep us from our families. And a courts system that causes trauma to those who want to know who they really are. Oh what a blessed America we have. So full of ignorance. We pass ignorance out at the street corners. Here. Have a condom. If a baby is created. Just kill it or give it away!! Hey!! They don’t know who their mothers are. They can’t tell anyone who’s there daddy is? Get rid of it before it can speak for itself and say no!! Live and kill and live!! 

Now we will cover all of this adoption love with secrecy. Yes. Secrecy. Of course the Catholics loves secrecy except if it’s in regards to becoming a catholic. But if you don’t want your baby, they will get rid of the evidence for you!! In the name of Jesus.!! No one would  ever know!! Except the babies grow up? Oh damn. Didn’t think that one through enough? 

We are a demented species when we to do this to babies. We are demented as hell. God help the children born to the broken soul that is called tadopted. Becasue adopted kids don’t even realize they are trash. Their new parents don’t fit. And adopted kids just want to go home. They feel out of place Becasue they are out of place. Adoption causes a cascade effect on the family that enters into it. The children of children who were adopted are affected. The children of adopted children feel their parents are fucked up. The parent does not know they are fucked up Becasue the adopted parents have no idea what the real family is like so they have no frame of reference to know if the child is traumatized by the adoption. 

It is amazing the web is deception that has been spun. And all in the name of love. To cover some sexual activity that was not permissible by a license to do so. 

Can we not think a little further than our nose? We must stop jerking children’s lives around to cover up religious shit that is not gods will at all. We write the books and call those words gods words. Do we really know? 

One thing I know for sure Oprah is: 

Adoption hurts like hell when you can’t wake your mother up and just want to come home to a place that no longer exists. 

Adoption feels like they carved part of your heart out and didn’t even see it back up. 

Adoption feels like a sucker punch that they made your mom give you. 

Adoption is the worst cure around. 

Adoption casued trauma to the child

Adoption is heinous. 

Adoptive parents are aiding the trauma by taking the child from its parent. 

Adoptive parents can never be our parents. They can only be our second parent. 

We learn to live strangers. But why did we have to? 

Why did we have to come into a world that would do us like this? Why? 

And birth Mothers could help, but they seem to be to ashamed of themselves to speak what is inside them. 

Truth is truth. 

But it can not set us free if we hold it in. 

The last thing I remember 

The last thing I remember was my Mother telling me to find her. She told me she loved me. And to find her and wake her up. But somewhere along the way I think she just gave up. Either that or I do not have the right words to break the spell. But a child keeps going for the love of its Mother. 

A normal daughter wants a good relationship with her Mom- adoptees are just acting normal. 

A normal daughter wants a good relationship with her Mom- adoptees are just acting normal. in wanting their Mothers. We are angry many times Becasue of having two Mother relationships to maintain. Each with it own form and context. Mentally it is complicated to be adopted to say the least. And there is a vein of pain from which I dip into time and time again to feel my Mother once again. 

 We are raised in a really weird reality morph. We are raised to be different, and yet we are raised to blend in? It is confusing. Am I a secret? Or am I the truth no one wants to see? I am cut off from my mother and raised my my capture. But wait. They aren’t my captures? The are my parents? Oh, I didn’t come from them. I came from an Angel who made me just for them. Oh, my mommy? Oh, no not her? She was a slut, or a white, or a drug addict, we needed to save your from her. Oh, even though many children are a bused by leaving them with Mothers who have way to much on their plate. If adoption is the cure, why do I feel sick all the time? If adoption is so good like this, then why has life lost all its taste? If being adopted is damn great why am I crying inside? And why must I grieve a loss that everyone agrees that no one gets over, alone? Why has this gone unnoticed for so long? 

Well, it’s hard growing up like this. You just kind of hit the floor running. I don’t know about anyone else but I am gonna just tell it like it felt. Not how I am now. But how it felt to be me growing up in an altered state. For adoption is an altered state. And many have gone mad being adopted is pretty rough. 

Adoption is humanities on steriods. You want to see the best and the worst of a person. Adoption challenges your very soul. And you war with your flesh that wants your familiar Mother, but the only mother available appears as a stranger. But the Divine calls us to love beyond the human constraint. And so you stretch. And it is hard to build a bridge so young in the game. We struggle with our little resources. We work to understand what this world has thrown us into. We wonder why? Adoption challenges your very will to even live. Why are we doing such a thing to babies? We do this to each child adopted for no other reason than the mother did not want it. And if we can allow this, I feel our course as a society is doomed indeed.