There are many things done in the name of love. Adoption is not one of them. 

Adoption is a solution that never should have seen the light of day. And it’s sunset is near. 

There are many things done In the name of love that God does not condone, and does not support. Look at what we are doing to innocent children in the name of love? Hell know. We still are trying to hide from God. Maybe we should look at the bible? You know it has been interpreted by men? Let’s have a look see if the means that we hold dear are correct interpretation or not ? Does it truly support all this, from the Greek text? I would ask my kid. But she’s all turned around by her moms adoption and evidently it fucks up people. My kids say I am fucked up. And I can see it in their faces. They were raised by me, and now they experience the world. And they see now, that their Mom is disabled. But no compassion for the freak who raised them. No. For the world has callused their hearts toward me. And they join in with the hecklers too. I don’t blame them for it is a raw deal. But I willWork so they do not have to be ashamed of the mother their mother who’s deck has bee stacked and who has mourned unaware. They told me I was fine. But I am not. 

So basically I am a disable person. And I have been disabled for years by a process that was supposed to save me? And it has made me sick, Cuz I miss my mom. My heart is hurt and no one can fix that but my mom. But I get punished for being and feeling this way Because I am adopted and no one, not even my mom and kids realize what this truly does to a person. I am showing you now. I am opening up and showing you the wounds of a child give away. It’s not pretty. But it’s all I’ve got. So here. Look at this and remember me. For I came her to show you this ugly so we can learn.

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