if we are all connected. 

If we are all connected with silver threads. Dna. I wonder. Do we feel the struggles of others. Within a family. I wonder if my family feels the struggle between my mom and me. And I wonder what would happen if we just accepted that I have come back? And I wonder if all of me can be accepted by them all. I was born like this. And after two days I lost my mom. Seems cruel to leave me this way when I am trying to work on it now for two years. I wonder if this emotional turmoil affects us all? Why must I be punished for being upset and having trouble? Why does my family boy see this is not going away. Why not do something different like open the doors wide open. I am not an enemy. Society is. For society said this was right. And now we see it’s not. For it has torn our family and my mother apart. Just the wi seeings of an orphan.

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