I may be batty as they come

I may be batty as they come, but my words have iron in them. For they are weighted with my very life. I lived this life of mine and this is how it felt. Why would I want to tell this? Yeah. Many would say. Hold it in they won’t like it. They are right. But does that mean the truth should be hidden? How do we change if we hid all the dirt? Burry it? How is this dealing with it? 

It’s just geography. So let’s learn to deal with what we think is trash but is in fact treasure. For life is about babies. For without babies this life would sees? Do we want that? And do you think such an intelligent universe as ours that hangs in  space could teach us a thing or two? But we are so busy trying to make the earth submit. That is not why we are hear? We are here for humanities. 

And adoption is one of humanities worst idea for humanity. It tease at the very core of our world. If it’s so great then why do adoptees suffer? And why do people tell them to be quiet? Could it be our voices really do have power after all? After so many years of silently just accepting like the elephant trained to the post we stand right where they put us like Puppets on a string. We dance.  And this is an energy. I am not talking about a petticoat person. But it is oppressive upon those relinquished. 

I am only reporting my perceptions in hopes that my frank raw story and data will help you find your way. We can here to do this. That is the truth. But why? Are we to take our data to the grave and let folks just forget? Or will we use the experiences we have weathered to change it. And then we can finally heal. When this shuts gone. And babies can be safe again. And mother can be safe again. No more whoremungers sept eating what is in fact sacred to this very work we live in. 

It’s time to learn and do better. All of us. And I lead by example so follow me and spit it out. Write it here. It start a blog if your own and I will follow you too. We can create a web of knowledge for the world to see the magnitude of this thing. Let’s go. We are so strong to with stand this. And our mothers diserve this too. They have suffered enough as we. Caught in a web no one could even see. And now it’s a mess that needs to be cleaned up and stopped. It is hurting us all. Every it a child cries inside for its mother when adoption seperately a mother from a child for profit. We must stand up and change this and see. 

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