My Birth Mother was wounded by relinquishment

My Mother was terrible wounded after relinquishing me. And she is such a strong woman. And both my Mothers got told a big bunch of hog wash. And I am trying to tell them they lied, that they thought they were right, but the truth is they did not tell them the right thing. For the Mother child bond is unbreakable. No one can break that bond. So we must look at this law, for we defy the very nature of this world to go agains the flow of what and how it is design to be. If a Mother was to die, then the child would be allowed to grieve that loss and to honor that Mother. But in Adoptions the child is stripped of their heritage and given another name and family for what? Why are Mothers doing this to their own children? A societal peremeter that has long since lost its worthiness, hell it was never worthy. It rips at the very nature of our how Human and emotional ECO system.

We have perfectly good Mothers giving up babies because of a societal perimeter that needs to change and we need to teach each woman has the right to give birth and that the conception should not be under scrutiny and should be viewed as a sacred calling and should be protected. And as a child caught up in this mess everyones calling God and love. I get that it is a modality, but to what means? And who started this shit anyway? Cuz ,God didn’t? Moses’s Mother saved him from death so he could come back to save his people. Now lets look at that story. Because Moses’s Mother never lost sight of him, she stayed in the tullies and then offered to wet nurse him. Pharaoh’s daughter new she was saving a jew and so was working with Moses mom to save him as well. Each woman was working to keep life, and for the child best good.  But she did not know that she was raising her own families destroyer. That her family was doomed anyway, she was barren. But that God was using this for his good.

So to say that adopting perfectly made children to strangers is not what the creator designed. This is what man had to design to save a child, because a man was trying to kill babies for no reason other than to keep an insane plan alive.

Children have been under attack and are the most vulnerable of us all. And they are being exploited in the name of love and God for profit and it’s hurting us all. Adoption hurts . Plain and simple, but not really it is a complex web of shame, deceit, ignorance, greed and lies to take advantage of undereducated woman who don’t know any better until relinquishment has been completed and then the reality sets in and the wound festers with no where to go. And the fabric of our country is built on a lie that we out of ignorance perpetuate with each adoption that follows.

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