adoptions truth 

  Some mothers can adjust. Some just adopt there babies out. In 1963 a pregnancy that was conceived out side of matrimony was not acceptable. Except if you did this one thing. After doing this one thing the child could be accepted back into society. And that one thing was adoption. Adoption was the one magic process that made the child acceptable again. Just not to the woman God gave the child to, but to another. Now does that make sense? Welcome to my life.

I have a dream. A dream of a world where the Mother child bond is sacred and society realizes that and they support that bond not being broken. Where we extricate woman and girls about their bodies and about what pregnancy means. A world where money is not made by selling babies for profit. A world where a woman is not belittle dies to the nature of her pregnancy. How dare anyone who breaks the bond God designed. I pray for a world where babies do not have to mourn the loss of a perfectly Good Mother who’s been told she’s not enough.