Nourishing your Brain

I say this. Our bodies are healing machines. Let me say it again. Our bodies are healing machines. WE get a cut and it heals. We don’t have to focus on healing it. It just heals. So if our minds are having problems processing things, if depression is running wild, then we have a nutritional deficiency, a problem with operational error. See we are three parts, Mind, Body, Spirit. And when all three are not being balanced we suffer. Did you know that the brain is 60% fat?, And what is the predominant American diet filled with? The ameircan diet is filled with sugar and carbs. Now, think about it, When we are born we suckle from a fat gland. We suckle for up to three years in some cases. And our development is supplied by that fat gland. Our immune system is nourished by that fat gland. And so, fat is an essential thing for our brain. Amino acids are crucial to our brains functions. So, we have been being lyed to, by ignorant people who trusted the men in congress to decide what is in our nutritional triangle. And carbs and grains make cattle fat. So why do we need to be fat? Let me ask you this, “If we ate enough fat, would we need to store it?” If we ate enough good fats, like coconut oil and cultured butter from grass fed cattle, would we need to store it? And if we ate enough fat, maybe, just maybe, we could use all of our brains.…/your-brain-ketones

Fat is loaded with amino acids,…/985-nourish-your…

Nourish Your Brain with Amino Acids | Life Enhancement Products

The Art of Aligning Body & Soul

This video is so deep. I am going to watch it again and again. But this is meat folks, and we need direction to change the course of this world. As an Adoptee, I post here my truth to help bring a collective truth, that is in fact contingent on my fellow Adoptees truth as well. To bring complete balance we must be courageous to speak the truths that we hold dear. However horrific they are, and however painful they are.


I would like to direct my people in this very fact.


We have lived through the worst. And we relive it each day, and are triggered each day as long as we are silent, and do not direct our truth to the world. We are a vital part of the evolution of this earth and it’s way of dealing with things. We have been the third part of a three part experiment. And in this experiment, it is time to disclose your research, story, experience, and feeling, as well as emotions. And let me tell  you this. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL YOU TO BE QUIET EXCEPT YOU!


As an Adoptee who has spoken and continues to speak her truth, give you with proxy your right to speak. I implore you to speak you truth. If you want to speak it here, there is room for you at my page. Send your story to me, I will post it unedited here. And what I am looking to create is a beginning of the conversation, not of gaining permission from with out, but from with in. We are of a high number, and therefore are in fact a Nation. So as a Nation I feel it is time for us to stop letting what they say to keep us apart. Let us come together in good faith, and work to be honest and unique and bold. For we have a right to speak and it is in fact our responsibility to do so.

Like Ellen DeGeneres, we do not realize what our words can do for another. Our words are painful, and rough to watch, but our words are honest, and we are strong. We have endured these lives and our pain, and we have lived and many thrived. And our truths are not all painful, but incomplete. We have come from other Mothers, and those Mothers matter. Society tells us that they don’t, or lets say the predominant consensus says they don’t. As I as an Adoptee have witnessed that our Mother do infact impact us very deeply. And I do feel that our connection to her is vital to our very self image. And they way society is talking about us Adoptee’s is inaccurate. And I feel it is up to us to correct societies perceptions with our truth.