I am an Adopted Child

i am an Adopted child, what do you see in me? Do you see hope? Hope for a barren womb? Do you see faith? Faith in a system or faith in a God? Do you see love? Gods love and willingness to give up something God made for another to show us that God is all. And it is our thoughts that God desires we would want to throw up the lies and embrace the truth. Our truths set us free. When we hold back no matter who you are you stifle the divine within. And so stop the flow of your destiny. God is all and all is God folks.

Adopted children and all children are made by God, through us. God takes what we have and makes us within our mothers womb. He/ she. For God is both. Hello? Right brain, and left brain? Ying and yang? Dark and light? So these bodies are working with a higher realm and need to accept that this is true.

Merry Xmas. And all that man.

We all are loved. All is all. Hate is live in reverse. Let it sink in. We evolve. Look around you. Things change. All is well.

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