The lens of the Adoptee

What lens do you look through?

What I mean is what is the way in which you view the world.

-Like, glass half full, or half empty

-Like, safe, or unsafe

-Like, abundant, or lacking

-And like, negative or positive

I feel the universe is trying to get our attention. Mine especially, and I am sharing it here. What is your predominant thought process? Like what do you give a lot of your mental energy too.

These are some energies we give our attention-




And the list goes on. These energies above are some of the energies we are wrestling with these days. We are wrestling to become strong in the opposite energies. For when these energies are done with us, we will evolved to a new way of being. To become sick of Anger, is to finally accept Joy.

To be so sick of resentment, is to open the door to forgiveness.

Our world is evolving to a place were we no longer allow our minds to roam where ever they like. Why? Because we are in the age of accountability. An age when the balances must be brought to our mental activities. Many fear that there mental activities will be exposed, but the truth is they are never hidden from your site at all. A projection of your mental world is right in front of you.

For instance if you wish for someone to be gone, you will experience that person to be gone, and the energy that is with them. But is sending that person away the way to change it? Or should we work higher? And work to accept the energies that are in our life as teachers and ASK the Divine to show us what we need to know to truly proceed.

We all have what the church speaks of as free will. Which means we get to choose what energies we want. Many work with negative energies, and I have come to an understanding why. We came to transmute it. We came to feel them and to gain understanding, understanding that will be passed to generations and in all directions of time.

Each of us has a job here. Many desire here to be free of lack and limitation. But to be rid of it, we must feel the negative feelings and release them. Our world is full of pain these days. But what God/Divine is showing me is that we are being squeezed to release these energies that have been passed to us by our ancestors, and when we release these and stop holding onto them as truth, we transmute it. We are released as we forge to release our own negative thoughts that dominate our psyche. If there is a way, there is an opposite way. So turn around and begin to go another way. God will guide you.

Adoptees have experience pain. Most of it from what the world said about it, about our mothers and their loving acts that where at a time when the information we have garnered from this experience was not available. Our mothers had to trust that the decision they made was enough. And as an adoptee who has processed through this energy, I am free.

We all must face our dark thoughts about it. We must face what the world said, when we chose to believe. Our Mothers did not desire to hurt us. They did what was shown to them at the time. We have experienced what that has done. And as we become awake to the truth. Which is for me that God makes us all. Our Mothers and Fathers are vessels to make us, but the bottom line is, God makes us all.

So today I encourage you to look at the lenses you look through. If pain is a companion, look at it. Face it. Face how you feel about it. Face the thoughts you have that your Mother did not love you. For I know, today, that that is just not true. Our Mothers loved us. And as you read this blog and see the pain I had about it. You now can see that that pain pushed me to the truth. Love.

The energies above heard us to the opposite energy, if we are willing to see that we need to let it go. Like an angel of darkness that we wrestle with, Let go and the opposite will appear, but only if we let go.

Lord, I pray that each person here will devour this knowledge and may the Divine show each the way out of any pain in which they hold.

The truth is, you are enough, your mother was enough. And you were destined to be adopted. And so God is your Mother and Father. We have been set aside to transmute our parents and our worlds view of birth and creation. For we are as loved as anyone else.

WE have a choice. And we can let go of energies that no longer serve us. And then our hands will be open for the opposite. You can do this. I did.

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