What can we expect?Change

What can we expect living on earth? Change is one thing that is a constant. All is for our higher good. The unexpected needs to be expected. Life is random. God is evolving us. We need to be lead by our higher power. Each person higher power is different and valid. All expressions are God. And therefore are very much valid. We need to look at the whole picture, not just our own veiw. Expect that your higher self will challenge you. This is not a comfort zone. Expect to graduate up into higher realms of consciousness as you progress. Expect that people are challengers to higher thinking. Expect people to bless you by challenging you to see and test your resolve in any given area. As you war with your thoughts about whatever they did, expect that you are soaring with an energy and palpable foe whom you presigned on with to learn the lesson you came her to learn.

We are all divine beings clothes in flesh and bone. Travelers here. If you are reading this you are awakening. A time is come when we need to connect all pieces of ourselves together. For we are mind body and spirit. And spirit calls us to come together. To lay down the fuss and the fights to always understand and to simply accept what is. For when we do, we are at a huge juncture and are about to enter the land of plenty for all. We all are tired of this polar world. We are tired of the rat race. We long for connection. Face book shows this very fact. What need to see is that spirit has used these devises to train us to focus on communication. Media is the top thing these days. Communication is king. And we need to see that we are capable of much more. We are capable of being and doing much more by aligning with our higher selves and letting go of our flesh mind. We let our higher selves which are a part of us always, just we need to trust our higheselves. We are letting go of fear based thoughts. We are forgeing a new road of thought that will usher in what we truly want. The fairytale is real. We must believe in it and spend all energy on the manifestation of that. Our enemies warring a dark forces are over. We can have a good outcome now by the word of our testament. We speak it into being. Look at your words. Look at your life. Do your words reflect what you say? Are you pleased with that?

This is a time of accepting what we have created. We must own what we have allowed our minds to create. And then and only then can we accept a new script for our lives. Accept the truth before you. No more painting it up to look like something else. No more illusions and delusions. We must face it and accept what we as a whole have created by the word of our mouthes.

Each one of us knows the power of words and what they have taught us. Words make us dig deeper. We dig deport for light. Light in the truth. Each person has a truth within them. That is the light God spoke of. Not candy cane light. Or nicey nice light. Plain old truth is called for now.

If one feels they loose because of their truth, they will gain much more in doing so. For loss leads to abundance and authenticity. Be who you are. Speak how you feel. Express your unique VEIW point!! The world needs to hear it.

To each who reads this. May these words challenge you to reach for higher mental and spiritual ground in this day of uncertainty and change. I pray that as they read these words that each person will be uniting all parts of themselves so they can progress. Ijna.

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