Christmas Hope for Adoptees

Being Adopted is one of the most difficult things to understand and gain some solid ground. Being adopted has made me hold onto my Savior. Even when my path is to hell itself and the pain of this world. I walk each day trying to be what God wants. And I affect those around me, showing them my vulnerability. My life has shown me many things. Learning to be present is a work in progress. Security is a thing that eludes me many days I feel very unsettled. On those days I hear my higher self say to me, “Now you know how I feel”. On those days I realize that I walk the path of Christ. His birth was not from a marriage, and union that was blessed by the church and the world.

Christ’s birth proves that God makes the children, and the union has nothing to do with the church. What I see is that it has everything to do with God and Mother Earth. Each time a child is created, God and mother earth have come together in love. We think it this or that. But in the end the proof is that God and Mother Earth dance inside a woman womb and decide to come together to create life or not.

We think we have control of it, but in the end we are beholding to the creator. And our judgements about creation have in my opinion have grieved our Savior, who’s blood was shed to tell us this: I GOT THIS! ALL IS COVERED. If we believed this, would we abort? Would we adopt? Would we abuse? would we attach shame to a child or the creation of a child. I do say that I have it all worked out. But these things come to my mind and I wanted to share them here. We all have a purpose. Mine as I can see is that God uses me to change the way people look at this world.

I came into this world in a less than optimal way. I was adopted. And maybe that was not what God wanted to start with, but God always makes a way for a child he creates. And to him I owe my very life. For he has Never left me. My Mother may have. My Dad didn’t even know I was. But Christ has been with me since the day I was born, Mother Earth has been my comforter in nature. Both for me are my Savior.

This holiday Season adoptees, Birth Mothers, remember that the Divine, Christ, Buddha, whatever you call your Higher Power, God is with us all. This world does not make sense. But look at the bible, it says we are made in Gods image and his likeness, we have the same power. And we are far from being close to God in this way. But we can project a world even as God made this world, we contribute and co-create with the Divine. So, think about this. God cares for you, fuck everyone else. Pay attention to the creator of YOU! You matter. And I care. I allow myself to be used by the Divine to tell you that whatever you have judged about your self, God is big enough to carry you through.

The Divine never said it would be easy. But you can do this. I am lifting up every Adoptee and or Birth Mother who has struggled with their path. God is willing if we will ask for his help. He will walk through hell with you. If you are in hell right now, KNOW THAT THE DIVINE IS THERE WITH YOU!  The divine does not back off, not even an inch, it is us who walk away. WE think that life should be easy, that nothing will be required of us. But we came here in a body, with a soul and a mind. WE work with these three to grow in every way.

Anyone who needs prayer, please message me or post here. God cares. I am proof of that. Reach out. I can pray like no other. God has blessed me beyond compare. You are valid, you are precious,  you are amazing. xox


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