Bastard nation is the world. Wow

And they don’t have time for your feelings and input. They know it all evidently. An adoptee can not even get an audience with there own kind. And we wonder why we struggle? 

Bastard nation on Facebook Emm Paul administrators comment. 

Picture above from her Facebook page. Looks about right. 

We are the world…..ok. I think this has been enough. 
My Comment back.

I see that. I was hoping for more. It’s ok. I was mistaken.  are right to think that an adoptee could fit in here. Thanks. For the time and the education.

This what they are saying about me. An adoptee. Fucked up as hell. 


Nice. My

People. Lordy we got


Work. To do. If we treat each other like this what the fuck. Talking behind people back is not kid and cruel. I guess they didn’t know my per ers were political. So I already know how to do that. Both being so. Lordy. So shallow. 


This is what the bastard nation says about me. You can leave me here to babble o. My own or you can tryi to understand and help.  


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