Oh yeah the cat is out of the preverbal bag folks and Elvis has left the building.

I am writing here. No, my Mommy did not want to deal with me. So, I waited 20 years to come out of the shame cave she put me in, no longer am I able to stomach their ignorance. No longer can I tolerate my own family being so ignorant.

Mother, you help woman give their babies away? Geez way to go Mom. Even helping my sister do the same? Omg!

This is ugliness at it best folks. In my own family of origin. Shall I not inform them? Or should I leave them in their ignorant state of self inflicted inertia? It is time to get things straight.

Adoption sucks- Words from an Adoptee


click below to hear what she said to me? My Mommy?

Not sure if you wanted everyone to hear it? But why not? I am tired of taking this shit alone here.

I will not be your scapegoat any longer, your black sheep. Fine, you don’t want to deal with me face to face? Alrighty then. How does this look?

Birth Mother Message.band

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