Adoptees Unit at Selma

I have a dream.  I grew up to those words. And know now what he ment.

As I watch Selma the movie take off. As I watch people come together to unit for one cause. Awareness about black human rights. My heart hurts. It hurts for my fellow adoptees still in the dark. Living stories that are void of their heritage. I hear the cries of the hearts of children taken from their Mothers. Those babies who lay in their crib, with no comforting sound to be heard. Their Mothers heart beat so strong, but they can hear it no more. I feel we have a duty. We are a Nation in the triad. I feel that a March at Selma is needed to bring the attention to the plight of the silenced slaves. The adopted, who’s right stripped from them at birth. Unable to reconcile themselves. This is not about anger. This is about truth. And we must speak of the pain of separation. And we must bring awareness, for we are the holders of that. But now is the time to let it out. What we know is important. Let’s start the conversation.

The question is-WHY ARE WE TELLING ANY WOMAN WHO HAS BE ONE PREGNANT THAT SHE NEEDS TO GET RID OF IT? Why is pregnancy sacred in so cases and not in others? And what about the child? Her Mother told she’s not enough? How does a child reconsile there own worth when there mother was not supported as being enough!!no more!!

I feel that if we spent money on supporting a woman who is pregnant in raising her shild no matter what!! We should whole heartedly support this. All this adoption is what man thought up. But children are growing up without the whole story. And most of it made up. We are left with our own thoughts to try to give us comfort for a grief of a mother no one wants to talk about. I feel this is the time it is ripe for the picking. And I am telling you because I want your help to do it. To get the word out. And get us together. The time is prime to show the world how big this issue is. So, my people can heal. We must begin to talk. We’ve held it in to long. Pray. Meditate.

P.S. I have heard my call. I am going to start a Non profit that will rival the likes of no other. This ideas so big. I am just messaging people as I feel lead. Those who are connected to this  issue I speak to you first. I ask for your prayers. Look into your own hearts and ask yourselves if this is a call you need to answer. About Selma. We need to walk. Now is the time of bringing our awareness TO THE FORFRONT!!  No more shushed by a so called expert. We are the experts. And we have paid dearly for our expertise. Please consider it. I think we could rally and break it open. Thank you both for your time. Please ask me any question. If you pass. I understand. Xo namaste.

One thought on “Adoptees Unit at Selma

  1. Your idea of starting a non-profit is a wonderful idea. I think there needs to be more conversations about adoption, and if starting a non-profit helps to get the word out, I would be more than happy to support it. I’m happy to see someone standing up for adoptees.


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