What My Mother Taught me

My Mom taught me so many things,

But one thing she taught me was,

That I am brave beyond compare,

She has held my hand in spirit, and in reality,

She is faithful,

And she taught me to go to the source first,

And so I have done that,

I am only accepted in a pretty package that looks like your dream of me,

And Now I need to move on,

You will not hear me face to face,

And can not realize my plight,

So stuck in your own imaginings, you can not see the truth,

Squashing will not do,

Anger is useless to me, nor controls me,

I will either be all accepted or non at all,

You either take all of me or none of me,

And if the answer is none,

Well, then Goodbye,

For I can only be me you see,

So, you have no love in your heart for me,

Because you never did.

My Mother taught me to go to the source first,

But now I’ll go around.

For my healing is necessary in my evolution.

I do not know how, but I know the Divine will show me the way,

And this is part of it.

My Mother taught me to take responsibility for my actions,

And I have done nothing wrong,

This is not a black and white event here we are having,

This is about truth,

And I know my heart was in the right place,

But you couldn’t see, because of the mote in your eye; that is just what you think about it,

Because how you see me?

Is your imagining.

My Mother taught me to forgive, and I have.

I will not forget.

For there are place that you should not go.

And I have had a good look into your World about me,

And it’s not pretty what you think of me,

So I must let you go.

This is what my Mother taught me, if you don’t like it, you should have kept me, or killed me. Because I will be silent  anymore.

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