I think I’m like a Bee

People look at me sometimes, my family and friends, and think I am all over the place, and so random, (like that’s a bad thing). And I have been thinking about that. And I don’t know that a bee doesn’t kind of looks like that. You know, it flits about, if you look closely it looks like it’s molesting those flowers. And Bees fly around and buzz, some people are scared of them, they can sting you. But they are doing such wonderful work, making all our fruit manifest. ( Can you imagine trying to do that?) We enjoy all this fruit and nuts, but some just don’t realize that we owe it to a bee. Bees are passionate about pollen. And they are a lot like me. I move energy, thoughts, ideas, information, love, joy, encouragement, and……….. I sting, I stand up for people who cannot do it for themselves, and I stand to make a difference. And even though I look like I am just flitting about,  a lot of work is being done, one person at a time.
And some of us people here on this earth are the kinds that receive information, and who are willing to pass it on. Who are willing to show up. No matter what. And who work the fields. Because not everyone is going to church, or to anything like that. So the Divine uses people to touch people. He send the bees our to pollenate to move this to that, and shift energies. They go out into the world and everyday is an opportunity to change something for the better. Everyday is a day to do some good. They do it at the check out line and in the salons, and they do it in their prayer closet. They touch you by remembering your name in the Restaurant, and you are the server. They leave a big tip, because they feel lead to, and you really needed that.

They pop into your life and blow the dust off and breath a freshness into your life, and then leave. It’s an energy thing. And it’s not about them, it’s about who they came to be. It’s about yielding to something higher, something more. It’s about being willing to be used, whenever wherever. Because to people like me, that is what make us tick, the next person you can be used to make a difference.
If you don’t understand it, don’t judge it. But even if you do, I can’t change for you. I came here to be me, and this is who I am. And frankly, if you can let go of what you think people should be, and just take them how they are, you’ve won the race.

Because we are all spirits here, having a human experience with each other. And as I see it, we all have these wonderful costumes, our color, our stories. And I feel that we get caught up in our appearances to much. JS



Let’s stop eating for our tongues and our tastebuds. Although tastebuds are important, lets eat more intelligently, knowing what is good for our body’s what it needs and like to keep us going. Our mind says it like this and that, but the time has come when the gut is got the whole show stopped. Why? Because it also has intelligence, and it’s time for us to listen.

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