I need no approval.

I am approved. By our Mama. Each time I went to see her last year? She. Let me in. She. Yes.

She made coffee for me. To drink. Yes me.

But this is the thing. About Mama. That maybe folks don’t see? She wants everyone to be happy for her? Yes. She does.

I can keep going up and visiting her. And also keep putting up with rude interruption from delusional family members trying to make our relationship appear sick and twisted?

A mother and daughter always love each other. And it’s none of anyone business!

Mama was upset about me finding her cuz she knew you all would pitch a fit? I’m issue? Except to all of you.

Mama. Will always love me? And why can’t you all just be happy for her? Take more than one to make a relationship work. And after 56 years of living? I think it about time Mama gets what she really wants and not this shit show!

Lord knows she prayed, given, and worked her spirit to the damn bone! And I’ve come three times!! Step up! Why is it my job? Only? Is not our Mama our Mama?

You think she’s happy I’m not welcomed? Do you think? She’s happy about us like this? Yeah. I’m standing up for her? No one did back in the day? Except a baby crying? Who now grown with words to speak for her. Yeah.

And I’ve told all my dirty whatever to show all of you a little something? I was abandoned! And I am not abandoning her now!! Nor have I ever! So?

What’s your excuse now? What keeps all of you so silent? Or blabbing shit that does not get Mama closer to where every Mama wishes to be which is to her own child? Even if she abandoned me?!

She never let go!!

It’s not approval I seek. It’s humility I seek. As you bow in respect to our Mamas love child who fought hard to pray her way home. It’s standing in the street of the world, as the world watches all of you turn away from what our precious, Mama made!

Yeah. Better check yourselves. Look again. Mama needs me. You may say you don’t? But did ya ever consider her feelings? Did you? As much as she loves all of you she loves me. And she will have your blessing. Yes. She will.

And whoever’s in the way will bow. Before her in apology. Cuz you thinking I speak for myself do ya? Look again. I know who my queen Mama is? Do you?


This message is for Mama.

If your not Mama keep moving! Lol. Saw that on tik tok. Just had to use it!

capricorn reading. just found it? and backs up what ive been saying about

my and Mama. She’s scared. Ok. I said it.

Do something. I’m restricted. And am trying to teach you all? How to help me? Through Belinda?

She needs me. I know this is weird. But god’s allowing it.

Ease Mamas mind girls. Go on. Ease it with your unconditional love. We changing this pattern right now. No conditions!! I said so! And I have proven myself worthy to say so and be respected.

Get over to Mamas. This is going down. Here. Did you think Mama couldn’t do this? Lol. Y’all are so slow.

But not for long?

tages of greif – Google Search

tages of greif – Google Search
— Read on www.google.com/search

Mama and I have been working through the sages Of grief. After Phil passed it hit here. All of it. And it’s been intense for her. We are now at acceptance stage. When we truly began last year on her first visit and she told me I was angry, which told me she was at anger stage in her grief process. Which then meant I had to work on angry issues that pledged us both. And us all for that matter.

Mama was not happy with her results from Adoptions affect in either of us? She didn’t have the worlds. Only feelings. Very strong feelings. She’s been upset about the family’s reactions? Of how thy can’t seem to see? We doing work here? Real work? And she proud of me for singing the bells to her? Yes. Proud of her girl.

Cuz I’m dishing it up? Like what she knew? With words now! And I am chirping like the canary I came from wants me too! Sound the alarm she’s saying to me? To my soul? Like baby. I can’t do this for us. I can now see? It’s. Epic. It’s phenomenal!! A bond like no other!

And the thing is? I knew it all along? Felt it with no worlds all along as God showed me when I came home how strong? To the bleach under the sink? To the kitchen aid mixer and kitchen gadgets up the wazoo! Why do I take pictures of my Mama house? To illustrate our connection? How proud I am of who she is? To celebrate such a strong bond?

How? To do the work helping my Mama heal from it? I saw that from the first day she came into my humble home on 13th street which is a four and the day she got her fourth leg back? And how my babies loved her? Called her name to her? Gramma? And my heart just burst. As she stood dumb founded. Starting at all the love? Feeling it wash her soul clean? Not a speck of shame did she feel? From us?

But? I saw it in her? I felt it. Because I to had heard it all. And I had to go to work at some point to confront that with her when she needed it. Mama did not expect that at all. And began to back Peddle that day on all she has thought about me? It’s not been easy. She’s been freaked out for years about how much I love her?

I had to work to help her find the root of the shame to cut it clean. Spiritually speaking. It’s karmic work of the highest order. I refuse to let my Mama or anyone! Cast shade on her another day. I shade her now. A whole nother shade. If I can shade her under the tall tree I am now? Then no one can cast shade on her again.

She’s stood out in the elements long enough! I’ve turned the other cheek. And stand ready to embrace all of you. And grief is a lesson we all have learned this lifetime for sure. As my sister see what they have grieved with our Mama the whole time? The whole time like a low solemn tone of reverence for the loss our Mama suffered?

Listen. The woman wants what she wants! And she gets what she wants! Just do it! Nike! Just do it. Phil wants it. Gramma Gerald wants it. Jack, Huey, Elmer,Art, Arthur Leroy, Gran Gran. And God all want this. For Mama! The win!