No weapon

I am here to say

I am the living proof


Chelsie Vargas




Jocktan Kabeyi In Budoma Kenya

One thing I’m doing beside talk to y’all and keep communication lines open while your are all silent.

I mean I’m making it so easy for the family and they gonna make me have to catch up with all of them. Talk about a gang bang? that’s some kind of crazy. Talk about so lazy.

But bring it. Watch me take it. Turn that faucet I’m wide open. Looking like a funnel. And helping humanity.

Would be nice to have some support beside Angela. Thanks girl. Here. Check his page out. We are working on plans to plant and trying to figure out water sources that are sustainable. Phylis?


This man is feeding widows and orphans. They educate them. And he’s ready to learn way to teach sustainable living. It’s a great movement for Africa. I’d like to see some happy pics of African kids and their parents smiling too. I’d like clean water. Help so they can implement many changes.

I hate seeing him beg in the world wide streets. Knowledge is power.

I just wanted my family to know this.

How far up this stereo can go up!! Infinitely able to adapt. Wow! Right? I say that too! Cool to be in Be Linda and Jeans. And my kids too. So cool.

But. Well the volume is endless. And you all seem deaf? Not Chelsie. I think she gets it? I’m betting it all on her. Yeah. Totally a dark horse right there. 🥰

Oh. Darn. ✋ I put it on blast didn’t I?! Oh me oh my that I would adore my daughters? Equally. Just as special. I don’t expect any of y’all to get it until you get one? It’s a thing that happens after all the chemical reactions! It’s cool and fuck. The connections. Excuse me I like to talk about the affects!!

Hello! World! Welcome to my cafe in the sky.

Looking at you!

While you click on my link and drive by my cafe. God is calling us all to get this right. I see you hungry for more then food. God is here inside of me calling out. Click away.

Listen to god sing through this child.

Now let us bow. Those who came to receive manna from heaven. God is within us. Calling out. Find me!! In all. See me. In all.

Thanks for stopping by. Lord bless each clicker. Help them find their way within to find you waiting there lord. Help Mama to be ignited with a holy fire I took from hell itself. Xox 💋

I wrapped it in a tornado. God said to Linda. 🌪

While I grew in my Mamas womb.

This. Ahead of schedule but not yet born.

My turn now. But. We ain’t painting fingers. We all gotta clean this up. The world. Reflects our hearts as we squander gods resources.

It’s time we wake up. Stop waving those free will tickets in my face while we can put them together so everyone’s let into heaven.

It’s time to wake up. And grow up instead of laying down. With god within each of us we owe it to each other to get this right now. Gods calling on the woman to stand up and do what we do best. Rule and reign. Goodbye to greed. Who needs it if everyone’s fed and can read?

Churches. Don’t make this country great. People do. God within us all united does. Religions all made up by men. Pay attention to all the text because gods talking in everything if your heart is open you know the voice is within.

The world a reflection of our collective choices. Shall we keep doing the same? Corona says no.